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“Lost Time” by Tacocat

“Lost Time” by Tacocat

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My girlfriend’s new favorite album comes from this Seattle pop-punk group. Lost Time picks up right where they left off in their last album, NVM. The album is full of solid, quick-paced songs that are easy to sing along with and assist in feeling cool with clever lyrics that capture a realistic picture of the Pacific Northwest’s intellectual, laissez-faire lifestyle.

“I Hate the Weekend” unapologetically assigns fun on the weekends to traditional nine-to-fivers, while our young NW population subscribes to working self-determined hours and knows the best nights at a bar are probably gonna be on a Monday or Wednesday (whiskey!). “I Love Seattle” playfully addresses the outside world’s concerns over the natural disasters scheduled to ravage our landscapes and push our culture further into a post-apocalyptic way of living. The song says, “Earthquake? Tsunami? There’s still no place I’d rather be.”

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While I am cautious to compare our great city to our big brother up north, we are family relative to the way the rest of the world views us (for better or worse). Our values deviate from secular society’s norms and rituals (if you’re a Portland native, go to Wisconsin – not Madison – and you’ll see what I mean). It’s not because we’re stupid, its because we’re brave enough to have fun amid the impending doom rumored in our future. Tacocat’s music does an excellent job representing us to everyone else. »

– Billy Dye