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“New Move II: Back In The Habit” by New Move

“New Move II: Back In The Habit” by New Move

Portland’s New Move embraces cross-genre collaboration on their newly re-recorded self-titled album. Each track features a different Portland artist who puts his or her own spin on the original New Move album, out last January. Prominent indie rock and hip-hop influences blend to compose an anything-but-ordinary album; a deeper layer of musical complexity successfully pumps up the drama of the original album. The initial work showcases New Move’s light and cheery indie rock, plus a wholesome dose of funk, inspired by late-1950s doo-wop. On the re-recorded album, their identity as a group is still intact, but it’s taken to a sexier place.

Gritty guitar, hip-hop beats and a diversity of vocal stylings are fused with frontman Jesse Bettis’ signature songwriting and somehow work together to not overwhelm the ear. Each track transports you to far-reaching ends of the musical spectrum. Trippy funk and soul vibes stand out on the tracks “Stegosaurus” (feat. The Domestics) and “No One But Her” (feat. Radiation City). Hip-hop takes the spotlight on “It Was No Good” (feat. Illmac Jasmine & Rio Grands) and “Take What You Can Get” (feat. Hustle & Drone). Each track has its own unique identity and intention that complements the featured artist.

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Sensual and soulful songs are sprinkled among livelier tracks to produce a satisfying blend of genres and sounds. New Move creates an impressive musical collection that shares Portland’s genuine musical talent with the world.»

– Kelsey Rzepecki