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“Otero War” by Caveman

“Otero War” by Caveman

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It’s my understanding that on this endeavor to listen to and actually hear the bands that we come across, what we seek is relevance–something that has a substantial link to anything close to what we can understand as quality.

After giving quite a few thorough runs through the album Otero War by Brooklyn’s Caveman, I at first reluctantly recognized that link to quality that we always hope to hear from up and coming bands. The album begins and ends with songs that strike a chord that can only be explained as personal and honest. “Never Going Back Again” kicks off this album at a poppy pace but invokes feelings of sincerity, while at the end of the album their delirious track “I Need You In My Life” seems to haunt and relate to a part of me that cannot be denied.

The album is riddled with tracks that have an undoubted source in the ’80s — greats such as The Cure, and The Smiths — and evolve into the glam indie rock sounds of The Killers, The Strokes and local favorites The Helio Sequence. It must be noted however that this band has achieved a sound all their own.

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In the end, although this new offering is hit and miss at times, the band is honest, has an undeniable link to quality and is definitely worth some listening. »

– Ellis Samsara