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“Pool” by Porches

“Pool” by Porches

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Porches newest release Pool is a striking departure from their previous release, Slow Dance in the Cosmos, and might therefore not sit well with fans immediately. Pool is both incredibly well-produced and even more synthcentric than their other releases. It is also volumes more sophisticated. Initially, without the fuzzy distorted guitars and forlorn vocals, the album flirts with seeming disingenuous by comparison, but songwriter Aaron Maine has cultivated the darkness Porches fans love and has made it more engaging.

The biggest difference between Pool and every other Porches release to date is the undeniable hip-hop influence throughout. This is most evident in the heavy and sleepy bass wobble on songs like “Shape,” and “Even the Shadow,” both songs that are one heavy drop away from being club music. Keep your eyes peeled for remixes.

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Overall, Pool shows a lot of restraint, to the point that some songs feel more like ambient noise. Both “Shaver” and “Security” seem like filler, lacking any real hook by comparison to the handful of truly memorable songs that are certain to make it into the lexicon of music hip kids are listening to in 2016. Among the most memorable songs is “Underwater,” the first track on the album. The track is just as dark and slow as every other song on the album, but it also has a forceful and unforgettable synth hook that will make you want to keep it on repeat for hours.

Sarah Eaton