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Aural Fix: Connan Mockasin

Aural Fix: Connan Mockasin

Photo Credit: Sam Kristofski

If aliens landed and formed a band with members of the human race, they would be nothing without Connan Hosford, a.k.a. Connan Mockasin, as their frontman. Obscure notes are vital in Mockasin’s music. With funked-up beats and jazzy riffs, anyone tuned in should be ready to take off to another galaxy.

Just when you feel you’ve found some grasp on Mockasin’s style or genre, he pivots his sound to that of an entirely different ensemble. In this way, he could be the Kiwi cousin of George Clinton or Jim Morrison. Yet his multiplicity is not bound by his sound, as evidenced in his recently released album, Jassbusters, and matching five-part film, Bostyn n’ Dobsyn. Mockasin dares to unravel the ties that bind an artist to one medium and aspires to dabble in standup comedy, accompanying his new journey into non-musical performance.

In personal news, Mockasin welcomed a baby girl earlier this year with Tokyo-born Playboy Playmate, Hiromi Oshima. The new parents are forming their family in the model’s home country of Japan, and despite all the woes that come with being a first-time parent, Mockasin still finds time to carry out his musical career. Thus far, he’s teased us with the newly released single “Bad Boys” (a collaboration with Andrew VanWyngarden). Connan Mockasin is touring throughout the summer, ending in the U.K.

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Going off ticket sales alone, some Portlanders may miss their chance to catch his sold-out show on June 10 at Mississippi Studios, but if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket, hang on and enjoy the ride!