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Photo by Salina Ladha

Get yourself a sexy dose of reality via Homeshake. It’s the brainchild and alternative persona of Peter Sagar, and he’s currently touring behind his third studio album, Fresh Air.

Sagar played guitar in Mac DeMarco’s touring band for a few years until 2013 when he decided to focus on his solo project. Sagar’s first two albums (In the Shower and Midnight Snack) tell the story of a young man discovering his dream girl and pursuing her. Those drug-fueled, lustful albums have a light vibe. But this new record sees Homeshake coming to grips with what happens in a relationship once the honeymoon phase is over: awkward moments and miscommunication through a haze of sex and cuddling — basically, reality.

On Fresh Air, which came out Feb. 3 on Sinderlyn, Sagar creates a smooth, infectious sound while still staying true to his yacht rock taste. This new album is infused with drum machines and cheap synthesizers. Meanwhile, the artist’s lazy voice floats on top of these layers like bubbles on bathwater. The sonic and thematic vertebrae of the album is its three singles: “Call Me Up,” “Every Single Thing” and “Khmlwugh.” All three tracks lean toward an electronic, R&B vibe, incredibly danceable and versatile — perfect for a coffee shop, kick back or booty call.»

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-Rose Blanton