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Premiere: Modern Feelings

Premiere: Modern Feelings

It didn’t hurt, shattering several bones in one hard thump to the ground. Everything went quiet and an air of calm came over her. She responded in a way that she’ll forever admire. Truly and authentically putting herself out there to take full advantage of this life.

Taylor Stillwell was laying in a hospital bed, recovering from falling off of a rooftop just days before. Cory Allen Paulo was at home creating music for a new project with the aim of promoting self-growth and empowerment.

The two had yet to cross paths until Cory responded to one of Taylor’s Instagram posts. He went on the app that day for the first time in a while with the intent of networking to find a singer. The first thing he clicked on was Taylor, and she was singing.
Fully recovered and now in full swing as Modern Feelings, Taylor and Cory aim to encourage finding yourself and letting go to the beat of positive music.

Come along, chill – be your true self, whoever you are in this moment – you are lovely.

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‘The One’ is a song about self care and realizing that you are the only one that is responsible for your own happiness.  Friends, lovers, and experiences come and go. You are the only constant in your life.  You need a life that’s truly yours.  A life that you design.