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Video Premiere: “Gravity Wins” by Mothertapes

Video Premiere: “Gravity Wins” by Mothertapes

The album’s closer notwithstanding, “Gravity Wins” offers the deepest trance on Mothertapes’ debut record. And in this particular synthetic audio nest of Portland duo Pete Bosack and Tommy Franzen, there’s sensuality, nostalgia and, on the back of a trickling mid-song bassline, an influx of sadness. Even if, for era, the technology-voiced jam doesn’t match the video’s (tastefully edited) ’70s pornography, it’s suitably alien.

Director Jonathan Fine builds toward trysts in the song’s first half before the old, over-exposed film unwinds and rewinds in collage, as the song’s electronics and instrumentation eventually flood over themselves. Even with the cutting and re-editing of the historically distasteful, the direction is thoughtful in its obscurity.

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You can purchase Mothertapes’ self-titled debut digitally or on vinyl via their Bandcamp. And catch the duo on March 22 at Holocene with Hunny and Wax Idols.