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Video Premiere: Miss Rayon – “Patricia Hotel”

Video Premiere: Miss Rayon – “Patricia Hotel”

Miss Rayon is the brainchild of Eric Sabatino, a Detroit/Flint, Michigan native now residing in Portland, Oregon. Having also played for Portland projects Appendexes, Cat Hoch, Vexations, and Bryson Cone, it’s clear that Sabatino’s heart and soul are in it for the music. Miss Rayon is a continuation of that love, putting forth a sound inspired by New York no-wave and Manchester post-punk. The band’s debut album, Eclipse, came out November 2018, featuring drummer/vocalist Hannah Billie (formerly of Gossip and Shoplifting), and bassist/vocalist Jenny Logan (Deathlist).

The Patricia Hotel in Vancouver, Canada struck a chord with Sabatino, having stayed there while playing a show years back. With eerie dissonance, the song “Patricia Hotel” evokes a disorienting flashback of watching someone outside digging through the trash from a hotel window. This odd disassociating feeling is only heightened by the video (directed by Katayoon Yousefbigloo and filmed in/around the Canadian hotel) by use of old VHS and the introduction of an odd alien/osyter-like creature.

With the new year, the band has shifted gears with a new lineup: drummer Thomas Mabus (formerly of Unknown Mortal Orchestra) and bassist Basil Stevens (formerly Havania Whaal).

Watch them play with The Fur Coats for free at Rontoms on February 24th!