New Music

Album Review: Sinkane – “Dépaysé”

Sinkane’s new record, Dépaysé, speaks in voices that demand to be heard.

Album Review: Big Thief -“U.F.O.F.”

Given the time they had to explore off-tour and not quite at home, Big Thief experimented, playing with what they call, “dynamic feedback and spiritual, rhythmic togetherness.”

Aural Fix: CHAI

CHAI’s PUNK is a Neo-Kawaii Japanese punk band, redefining what it means to be perfect and bringing their mission to bring joy to the world.

Aural Fix: Wild Belle

Wild Belle may take musical inspiration from the world over, but this brother-sister duo create a neo-tropicalia sound all their own.

Aural Fix: Helado Negro

Fans love the warm, inviting essence of bilingual Helado Negro on his latest album, This Is How You Smile.

Modern Kin Release New Track “Abandon”

Your Tuesday just got exponentially better! Earlier this year Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives…