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Album Review: Outer Spaces – “Gazing Globe”

Album Review: Outer Spaces – “Gazing Globe”

Upstate New York native Cara Beth Satalino has lived in the outer spaces of the rural East Coast while floating in pockets of anxiety and loss. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Satalino navigates these feelings as musical moniker Outer Spaces, a solo act that has taken on a full form in its newest album Gazing Globe. Raw, vulnerable and strong, Satalino’s vocal quality is Courtney Barnett-esque with musical influence of indie folk and power pop. Alongside Satalino, the album features Chester Gwazda (who has produced albums by Future Islands and Dan Deacon) on keys and bass guitar and Rob Dowler on drums.

Photo Credit: Chester Gwazda

Gazing Globe reads like the journey of an optimistic soul, questioning life and love while wandering off into the desert, the full band playing out into a sunset. “I See Her Face” kicks off the album with slow, dreamy guitar and keys, simple yet sincere. Satalino’s lyrics are soft yet harbor a greater universal feeling with lines like: “The jug of wine seemed infinite/well baby I fell into it” and “You won’t let go of my line.”

As the album moves forward, the sound swells with the addition of violin (Marty Satalino) and saxophone (Ryan Syrell), accompanied by synchronized vocal harmonies. Satalino’s voice is genuine and powerful; utilizing layers of vocal harmony with herself, she drives home a pop influence with feeling and conviction.