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Emily Haines

Live in Portland December 9, 2017 | Revolution Hall Emily Haines is best known for…

Interpol’s ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’ Turns 15

Hailing from the midst of the early-2000’s NYC post-punk revival scene, Turn On The Bright…

"City Music" by Kevin Morby
“City Music” by Kevin Morby

Texas-based singer/songwriter, Kevin Morby, FKA the bass guitarist for Woods and frontman of The Babies,…

“Last Place” by Grandaddy

Grandaddy reunited back in 2012, but it isn’t until now that the band completes its long-awaited comeback. Full of heartache and alienation, “Last Place” is a classic Grandaddy album with all the fixings.


After appearing out of nowhere, Indiana-based quartet Hoops delivers with its self-titled EP. It’s a rich collection of haunting and sensual songs perfect for those summer days. The band opens for Tennis on Feb. 27 at Wonder Ballroom.

Jim James

Touring his new solo album, Jim James, the memorable face and voice at the front of My Morning Jacket, comes to Portland on Dec. 7.

Sleigh Bells

Born of an unlikely restaurant interaction, Sleigh Bells is one of the most prominent indie acts of this decade. This month’s cover feature is an interview with singer Alexis Krauss on the duo’s new record, dream collaborations and Nov. 18 show at Wonder Ballroom.

“Dreamless” by Crocodiles

The San Diego glam punk duo Crocodiles is back with “Dreamless,” their most exploratory and polished release to date.

“Schmilco” by Wilco

Wilco’s new album impresses for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s vintage Wilco. “Schmilco” gets at the sadness, humor and guitar blending that defines the band’s last two decades.

“Innocence Reaches” by Of Montreal

Somewhere in the course of 18 studio albums, Of Montreal became a weirdness-obsessed veteran of indie rock. The band’s latest pushes some of the same thematic boundaries as their body of work, plus a few new musical ones.