Know Your Venue

Twilight Cafe & Bar

In a corner of SE Portland’s Brooklyn neighborhood, a blue sign glows. This midnight oasis…


  The supposed inscription at the entrance of Hell reads “Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate”…

The Tonic Lounge

This neighborhood mainstay has always been The Tonic, no matter what the sign out front said. In this month’s Know Your Venue feature, we welcome back The Tonic Lounge and explore its owners’ future plans.

The Know (Revisited)

Full show calendar, full menu, still your friendly neighborhood bar. We revisit The Know in its new location and find that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Know Your Venue: Fremont Theater

The Fremont Theater may be the new kid on the block, but it fits right in with its sleek, new architecture, topshelf cocktails, and an eclectic mix of storytelling and music performances for everyone big and small.

Analog Cafe & Theater

Operated by Portland pop-punk band Smoochknob, The Analog Cafe & Theater hosts more than 500 shows a year across two stages. Learn more about its guest chef, burlesques and upcoming winter shows in February’s Know Your Venue feature.

Paris Theatre

The Paris Theatre recently underwent some serious remodeling. Step inside the new Paris in this month’s Know Your Venue feature.

High Water Mark Lounge

In December’s Know Your Venue feature, High Water Mark Lounge aims to be a neighborhood beacon during dark winters and tough times, with many metal and punk offerings to boot.

The Fixin’ To

The Fixin’ To is aiming to liven up St. Johns nights with new music offerings, including some of Portland’s most acclaimed new acts, plus weekly metal and honky-tonk nights.

The White Eagle

The White Eagle Saloon, once called The Bucket of Blood, is celebrating its 111th anniversary this October. It’s one of the most storied venues in the city, legendary for both its musical and supernatural entertainment.