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Lenore. play homecoming show at Mississippi Studios 11/11

Their connection was instant, and their harmonies spellbinding. Together everything began falling into place.

The Newest Pixie: Paz Lenchantin, Legendary Alt-Rock Band’s First New Member in 30 Years

It can’t be easy being the newest Pixie, and the first non-Kim to play bass…

Lose Yr Mind Fest

This year marks the fourth for local psych festival LOSE YR MIND.  

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile @ The Schnitz 10/20/2017

Be still my beating indie heart! Don’t miss this tour – it may be a once in a lifetime David Byrne / St.Vincent sort of affair. 

Photo: Terry Magson
Sam Amidon

Sam Amidon has never stayed still in his music making. On Sam’s latest LP, The Following Mountain, he ditches his old formulas.

This Weekend, Starting Now!

It’s always a busy time for arts and entertainment here in The Pacific Northwest. This…

Interview with Justin Pearson of Dead Cross

When Mike Patton sets out to make a hardcore album, the word ‘supergroup’ is likely…

Portland Industrial and Goth Festival

This weekend is PIG Fest in Portland, that is, Portland Industrial and Goth Festival. It’s…

Algiers ain’t easy listening, and that’s how it should be.
Algiers at Mississippi Studios 7.14.17

Algiers ain’t easy listening, and that’s how it should be. The Atlanta-born experimental group is…

Show Preview: Mic Capes at The Liquor Store

Catch Mic Capes this Thursday at The Liquor Store along with Seattle rappers OC Notes and DoNormaal. His 2016 album “Concrete Dreams” is essential listening for any Portland music fan.