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Emily Wells @ Doug Fir Lounge 06/20/2013

Emily Wells @ Doug Fir Lounge 06/20/2013

Following the abstract feverishness of local band 1939 Ensemble, Emily Wells took the stage of the yet again sold out Doug Fir Lounge. Looking comfortable and ready to play in a silver jumpsuit, she entranced the crowd by encompassing her live show with classical style. She caches crystalline electronics and somewhat “trip-hop” beats, with emotive violin strains, and pounds her bass drum while delivering lyrically sharp, wingstroke vocals that channel a belting Nina Samone. Her additional pizzicato and analog synthesizer compel an unexpected rural village folk.

Concerning her song “Becomes The Color”, a soundtrack contribution for Park Chan-wook’s film Stoker, She says “writing music for film is a kind of method acting”. The song sings a lithe story of strength over loneliness, with symmetrical rhythms, and evil grumbles juxtaposed near the end of twinkling soundboard loops.

Words and photos by Brandy Crowe.

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