Brandy Crowe

Paris Theatre

The Paris Theatre recently underwent some serious remodeling. Step inside the new Paris in this month’s Know Your Venue feature.

High Water Mark Lounge

In December’s Know Your Venue feature, High Water Mark Lounge aims to be a neighborhood beacon during dark winters and tough times, with many metal and punk offerings to boot.

The White Eagle

The White Eagle Saloon, once called The Bucket of Blood, is celebrating its 111th anniversary this October. It’s one of the most storied venues in the city, legendary for both its musical and supernatural entertainment.

Bunk Bar

This month’s Know Your Venue feature spotlights Bunk Bar. Read on to learn the history, food and music philosophies and namesake of the “Indie Rock Sandwich Shop.”

Show Preview: Mac Sabbath at Dante’s

Steady your senses for a greasy bag of parody metal this Thursday at Dante’s. The McDonald’s-Black Sabbath hybrid band Mac Sabbath is coming to Portland with all their volume, props and terrifying costumes.

Hawthorne Theatre

This month’s Know Your Venue edition features The Hawthorne Theatre and its century-long journey from Masonic Lodge to eclectic, and often all-ages, venue.


In this month’s Know Your Venue: This year marks the 10th anniversary for the sophisticated, yet rustic Rontoms.

The Liquor Store

photo by Ryan Dornfeld Early in 2015 there was a sudden influx of bands posting…

Revival Drum Shop + Revolver Studios Showcase @ Dante’s 8/29/2014

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Baths @ Rotture 5/17/14

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