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What’s Going On: 05/30 – 06/06

What’s Going On: 05/30 – 06/06

1. MFNW KICK-OFF PARTY: Gardens & Villa, Swahili & Grandparents
Where: Holocene
How Much: $10
When: Wednesday, May 30th – 8:30pm
Why: A little taste of what’s to come at MFNW this year with two of Portland’s finest local bands. Swahili’s tribal psychedelic sound, hypnotic drums, and krautrockian patterns will captivate you. Grandparents psych-pop shoegazy delicousness makes your body move without even realizing it. And then there’s Santa Barbara’s art synth-pop group Gardens & Villa, whose sweet Californian vibe will make you ache for summertime.

2. Gospel Music w/ Surfsdrugs & Fine Pets
Where: Ella St. Social Club
How Much: $5
When: Thursday, May 31st – 9pm
Why: Hailing from Jacksonville, FL, the last time we heard from Owen Holmes (aka Gospel Music and Black Kids’ bassist) was his collaboration with members of The Magnetic Fields, Camera Obscura, Vivian Girls, etc for the 2010 Duettes EP. The follow-up How To Get To Heaven From Jacksonville, FL is full of playful indie-pop tunes with friend Madeline Long providing the yin to Holmes’ yang. Show up early to catch Surfsdrugs (members of And And And/Glitter Express) and Fine Pets (members of Best Supporting Actress).

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3. Crystal Fighters w/ Is Tropical & Tyler Tastemaker
Where: Wonder Ballroom
How Much: $12/$14
When: Saturday, June 2nd – 9pm
Why: If you leave this show without a stupid smile of pure unadulterated happiness and sweat-dampened clothes, you’re doing it wrong. Formed in London in 2007, the globally influenced electronic group released their debut in October of 2010 in the UK. A year and half later the dynamic, pulsating, electro dance-rock from across the pond was released in the US and has been making waves ever since. Get your ticket now and thank me later.