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What’s Going On: 08/28 – 09/04

What’s Going On: 08/28 – 09/04

1. The Zombies w/ Et Tu Bruce
Where: Aladdin Theater
How Much: $42/$45
When: Thursday, August 29th – 9pm
Why: These English gents were around before zombie apocalypses were all the rage. Forming in the early 60s, this group is best known for their 1968 album Odessey and Oracle (consisting of amazing songs like “Time of the Season” and “Beechwood Park”). It’s a classic British Invasion album everyone should own.

2. The Breeders w/ Tweens
Where: Wonder Ballroom
How Much: $25/$27
When: Friday, August 30th – 9pm
Why: Kim Deal (formerly of The Pixies) and company have hit the road for the 20th anniversary celebration of the band’s most successful album, Last Splash. Their smash hit, “Cannonball” was heard all over the air waves in the early 90s, and the video could be seen on MTV nearly every day.

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3. Lil Ass Boom Box Festival
Where: Kelly’s Olympian
How Much: Free
When: Saturday, August 31st – 9pm
Why: Bummed that you’re totally broke after seeing amazing shows by The Zombies and The Breeders? Well you’re in luck! Lil Ass Boom Box Fest is totally free and totally awesome. Featuring:  A Happy Death, Pictorials, Tiananmen Bear, The Century, Bevelers, Muscle and the Marrow, and Hands In!