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Catching the swells from the psychedelic sea, Heaters arrives in Portland this month on the heels of releasing their second hypnotizing album Baptistina on Aug. 5. The sounds from this Michigan-based psychedelic surf rock band are entrancing and meant to be experienced at full volume. Baptistina keeps a heavy pace throughout, along with some unexpected rhythmic gems that seem to come out of nowhere. Having Heaters at the wheel of your evening could easily send you to places that you had no idea existed.

There is a certain droning feel to this Grand Rapids-spawned collision of creativity that manifests a spiral and ocean of patterns, all founded on heavy reverb and solid grooving bass lines. Andrew Tamlyn, Nolan Krebs and Joshua Korf hit it hard after the release of their debut album, Holy Water Pool, kicking out the new album Baptistina less than a year later. It takes serious drive to accomplish that kind of creative rush. Plus, it appears to come from a sincere and natural place, which is bound to be appreciated by fans of spaced-out surf rock who are looking to catch the next wave in Heaters’ musical crests and breaks.

Heaters has a sound that is all their own, with the potential to captivate the crowds from town to town by keeping spirits high and the mind guessing. Occasional rhythmic switch-ups make dancing a very organic and viable option.»

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– Ellis Samsara

*Heaters comes to Portland Sept. 10 at Bunk Bar.