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Single Premiere: Arlo Indigo – “Being Human”

Single Premiere: Arlo Indigo – “Being Human”

Jeremiah Brunnhoelzl needs a reason to live. Through his project Arlo Indigo, the Portland songwriter explores the rationality (or lack thereof?) of humanly existence and the struggle to find relevance in simply being.

Today, Brunnhoelzl shares Arlo Indigo’s charming new single “Being Human.” Produced by Brock Grenfell of Gold Casio, it’s a chill rock tune that draws influence from classic and southern rock through a lens of Northwest indie and electronic pop.

Of “Being Human,” Brunnhoelzl tells us: “it’s a song about being jealous of people around you that seem fulfilled and trying to find your own happiness when you’re not that great at it.” Listen below. 

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