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Video Premiere: Ghost Frog – “Space Hunk”

Video Premiere: Ghost Frog – “Space Hunk”

Our favorite local sci-fi punksters, Ghost Frog, are back with another audiovisual display of their psychedelic weirdness with the single “Space Hunk.” Taking a slight departure from their 2015 release, Laser Tag, the track slows things down and edges into sexy space lounge lizard territory with the juicy saxophone and bass clarinet. 

The video shows the members of the band dressed like dirty hippies, getting stoned and drunk by the river when they encounter a macho, green alien man who lures them in with his saxophone playing. Naturally they smoke out said alien with a mondo cone-joint before he bites off Karl’s hand. Or was it all just his wasted dream? Watch below and decide for yourself. 

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