album review

Album Review: Froth – “Duress”

LA trio Froth (Joo-Joo Ashworth on vocals and guitar, Jeremy Katz on bass and guitar,…

Album Review: Pixx – “Small Mercies”

Excerpt for online: Hannah Rodgers, aka Pixx, keeps her synth-electro flare while adding some grungy edge on her second full-length album.

Album Review: Yeasayer – “Erotic Reruns”

The avant-pop stalwarts’ fifth record is full of funky white-boy indie pop… but do we need more funky white-boy indie pop?

Album Review: Sinkane – “Dépaysé”

Sinkane’s new record, Dépaysé, speaks in voices that demand to be heard.

Album Review: Big Thief -“U.F.O.F.”

Given the time they had to explore off-tour and not quite at home, Big Thief experimented, playing with what they call, “dynamic feedback and spiritual, rhythmic togetherness.”

Album Review: Faye Webster – “Atlanta Millionairs Club”

Dreamy melodies, folksy instrumentals and Southern twang are at the heart of Faye Webster’s newest album, “Atlanta Millionaires Club.”

Album Review: Drahla -“Useless Coordinates”

Formed near Leeds in 2015, Drahla is a post-punk group whose full-length debut for Captured…

Elastic Days
Elastic Days by J Mascis

Dinosaur Jr. frontman treads familiar territory in his third collection of heartfelt acoustic solo work.

WARM by Jeff Tweedy

With WARM, Tweedy made a record meant for those who need him – as a musician, as a storyteller, as a voice for the corners of our minds that remain frustratingly abstract.

Midnight Noon
Midnight Noon by Monteagle

The debut LP is a mellow, reflective narrative from Justin Giles Wilcox via a current of dreamy folk-rock.