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Dreckig band
The beat goes on: a dazzling new video by Dreckig melts minds

The godparents of the Portland music community, longtime duo Papi Fimbres and Shana Lindbeck, deliver…

Video Premiere: “All I Want Is You” – Marmalade Mountain

One might never expect that Zack Fischmann a.k.a. Marmalade Mountain, a self-proclaimed hippy who wrote…

Video Premiere: Corinne Sharlet – “Hail Mary”

“‘Hail Mary’ wouldn’t exist without the Laurelthirst open mic here in Portland and for that…

Video Premiere: Bryson Cone “Destination Nightmare”

Bryson Cone’s first and only single thus far, “Destination Nightmare,” blends elements of jazz, dream…

Video Premiere: Amenta Abioto – “Plant It”

Amenta Abioto channels vibrant earth energy in her breathtaking music video for “Plant It”, directed by Alberta Poon and produced by Sarah Baker.

Video Premiere: “You Are A Dog” by Cay Is Okay

Dogs prancing around being adorable as hell. What else could you want?