PDX Music

Jenny Lewis @ Crystal Ballroom 05/22/2019

You can always tell just how long a person has been listening to Jenny Lewis by the way their lips synchronize with each lyric

Maxwell Cabana

With dreamy guitar tones, Maxwell Cabana’s ready to bring the island to you!

Kyle Morton

When he’s not covering The Boss with his lovely wife, he runs shows and manages payroll for one of the most well-regarded venues in town, Mississippi Studios.

OPT @ Mississippi Studios 5/5/19

OPT really is a collaborative effort of individuals whose passion for traditional Latinx music brings them together every so often to make all of us dance.

Miss Rayon

Local post-punk / no-wave trio Miss Rayon release their debut album Eclipse on XRAY Records on November 17.

Red Bull Music takes to PDX @ The Evergreen

There’s no shortage of musical talent in Portland, but until recently, hip hop has remained…

Lenore. play homecoming show at Mississippi Studios 11/11

Their connection was instant, and their harmonies spellbinding. Together everything began falling into place.


ELEVEN had chance to sit down with three of the members of Bully and talk about their new album, Losing, and the process behind it.

Fleet Foxes @ Edgefield 9/16/2017

Flakes of wildfire ash blew in all directions like pine-scented snow. The sun was an…

Loch Lomond @ Mississippi Studios

It’s been nearly three years since Loch Lomond has headlined a full show in Portland.…