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“Full Of It” by Summer Cannibals

“Full Of It” by Summer Cannibals

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Jessica Boudreaux’s hard-hitting vocals and guitar paired with the tenacious drum beat on “Go Home,” kicks off Summer Cannibals’ upcoming album Full Of It with a bang. The band was right to start
out with such intensity; it preludes the rest of the 11-track album that holds an incredible amount of depth and emotion in both songwriting and sound.

It’s easy to compare Summer Cannibals to early Sleater-Kinney or Bratmobile, particularly because of the beautiful female energy coming out of this album, but they’ve established themselves far more than the easy comparisons. This album solidifies their place in the indie-rock scene, and it’s an album that represents them well.

Their first two albums were released under their own label, New Moss Records, in 2013 and 2015 respectively. They’ve since signed with the legendary independent label Kill Rock Stars, which are known for signing other amazing alternative rock groups in the Pacific Northwest such as The Thermals and The Decemberists. Signing with a label like Kill Rock Stars has allowed Summer Cannibals to continue building their sound on this album in an organic way.

Standout tracks include “I Wanna Believe” and “Say My Name.” The former punches with wit, while the latter feels like a more honest and open response track filled with all sorts of raw emotion. “Say My Name” starts off particularly calm compared to their usual tunes but by the end it’s back to the regularly scheduled thrashing guitar and inexhaustible energy. You can’t help but want to headbang along while they do their thing.

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“Simple Life” is a beautifully philosophical song to end Full Of It. It’s about questioning. Boudreaux chants, “I question everything I’ve fought for,” and it’s a wonderful allegory for the album itself. It’s an album of questioning, while in a way also remaining confident in their sound and structure as a group. We can only hope they continue in the direction they are headed, making saucy rock ‘n’ roll and playing their signature energetic live shows along the way. »

– Erin Treat