Album Premiere: Deathlist – “Loved”

Having released three albums (and three EPs) in as many years, Deathlist’s Jenny Logan had…

Premiere: “Break Her Fall” by Party Witch

If you love new wave song spells about power dynamics and witchy mysticism, then prepare your ear brains for “Break Her Fall” by Party Witch.

Video Premiere: Laura Palmer’s DEATH PARADE “Heartbeats Dancing”

“Heartbeats Dancing,” the new video from Laura Palmer’s DEATH PARADE (produced by New Move Media alongside their compilation album “Paradise Hotel”) is a lazy motorcycle ride through a strange cemetery, whose grass and trees hum with an ultraviolet glow.

Premiere: Basil Strawberry “Woman”

Basil Strawberry’s “Woman” is an 8-track concept album documenting the feelings and experiences of trans identity.

Premiere: Moon Shy “Ethereal Whispers In The Void”

Just like wandering around an old drive-thru movie theater, Ethereal Whispers In The Void rings…

Video Premiere: Help “Help”

“Remove fear from decision making. Act in defiant joy. Refuse to dominate others. Do not…

Interview and Album Premiere: Mic Capes “Cold Blooded”

We caught up with Mic Capes about his new project, Cold Blooded Vol. 1, growing up in St. Johns, hip-hop in Portland, and getting paid in full for your art.

Vid Premiere: Loch Lomond “Silver Felt”

Dig this new vid for “Silver Felt” ahead of Loch Lomond’s EU tour and two special homecoming shows.

Video Premiere: Bryson Cone “Destination Nightmare”

Bryson Cone’s first and only single thus far, “Destination Nightmare,” blends elements of jazz, dream…

Premiere: Mujahedeen “In America”

Portland-based Mujahedeen bring out the best of ‘90s style rock in a contemporary landscape. With…