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What’s Going On: 03/27 – 04/03

What’s Going On: 03/27 – 04/03

1. Sex Church w/ Therapists & Still Caves
Where: The Vern
How Much: $5
When: Friday, March 29th – 6pm
Why: Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Sex Church takes the doom and gloom of bands like The Wipers and The Cheater Slicks and mixes it up with the quartet’s brand of garage rock. Toss in some Krautrock and shoegaze and you’ve got one band you don’t want to miss! Still Caves kick it off around 6:30pm. Be there.

2. Fuzz w/ Wooden Indian Burial Ground
Where: Bunk Bar
How Much: $8/$10
When: Saturday, March 30th – 9pm
Why: The restless Ty Segall is back with his new band, Fuzz! Teaming up with longtime friend and bandmate Charlie Moothart, the pair already have already blown through a second pressing of their first 7″. Take Ty Segall and add a big dose of Black Sabbath–presto chango, you’ve got Fuzz! There’s a damn good chance you won’t get in without purchasing tickets in advance–you’ve been warned!

3. Natural Child w/ White Fang & Mean Jeans
Where: Tonic Lounge
How Much: $5
When: Sunday, March 31st – 9pm
Why: Easter Schmeaster! Gnar Tapes presents: Gnar Gnight Out! Featuring Nashville’s finest bluesy, scuzzy rock ‘n’ roll band, Natural Child! That’s not all, kids–White Fang and Mean Jeans will get your panties in a bunch before Natural Child finishes the job. The best $5 you’ll spend all week.