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What’s Going On: 07/25 – 08/01

What’s Going On: 07/25 – 08/01

1. La Sera w/ Magic Trick & Foxygen
Where: Doug Fir
How Much: $8/$10
When: Thursday, July 26th – 9pm
Why: After serving up a second helping of quirky and contagious pop on March’s Sees the Light, Vivian Girls’ bassist, Katy “Kickball Katy” Goodman, is making her mark as a solo artist. When she’s not busy recording albums and touring, Goodman finds time to write a column for Noisey (Vice).

2. Sound + Vision Fest Presents: New Skin for the Old Ceremony
Where: Hollywood Theatre
How Much: $8-$15
When: Thursday, July 26th – Saturday, July 28th
Why: I couldn’t have said it better myself (so I didn’t), straight from the site: “Sound + Vision showcases new or existing collaborations between musicians and filmmakers as a means of exploring how the moving image informs musical performance and vice versa”. I highly suggest checking this out! Preview it here.

3. Still Caves w/ Shiva Trash, Electric Healing Sound & Bath Party
Where: The Know
How Much: $5
When: Friday, July 27th – 8pm
Why: If you’re looking for a straight up rock’n’roll good time, this is where you should be Friday night. Surfy garage punk (Shiva Trash) and stripped down garage rock (Electric Healing Sound) from San Diego. As if that wasn’t enticing enough, locals will be dishing out psychedelic surf rock (Bath Party) and garage psych-punk (Still Caves).