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Kadhja Bonet

Kadhja Bonet

LA-based singer-songwriter Kadhja Bonet – pronounced “kod-ya” – will effortlessly lure you into her cosmic musical world of classical and jazz influences and seductive vocals. Her soft, romantic vocal style and use of wind and string instruments is reminiscent of music you might imagine hearing in a European café. She takes soulful and sultry energy from jazz and seamlessly ties it in with theatrical elements.

Bonet’s formal training in classical music, violin and viola is apparent through the thoughtful production of her album, The Visitor, out last October on Fat Possum Records and Fresh Selects, two respected labels that represent different genres of blues and indie. It is clear Bonet’s knowledge of classical music helps build her musical foundation, even while she remains a difficult artist to pin to one genre.

It’s hard to say where or when you are on first listen; past, present, future, or another world completely? What is certain is that it’s nearly impossible not to feel at ease, letting the music transport you from one mood to the next, as if moving along with the narrative of an expressive film — from catharsis to satisfaction to calm.

Orchestral flutes, violins, and other wind and string instruments appear prominently throughout The Visitor to enhance the beauty of Bonet’s delicate vocals. Bonet oozes of sophistication, applying an organic, back-to-basics mindset that makes for a revitalizing musical experience.

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