Aural Fix

Aural Fix: Connan Mockasin

Obscure notes are vital in Mockasin’s music. With funked-up beats and jazzy riffs, anyone tuned in should be ready to take off to another galaxy.

Aural Fix: Chromatics

Chromatics, the brainchild of Adam Miller, emerged to reclaim the inherently interesting combination of post-industrial grime and glistening urban shimmer.

Aural Fix: Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo is on the rise. His new EP, Friends, invites you to come with him. The ride is sure to be funky and fun.

Aural Fix: CHAI

CHAI’s PUNK is a Neo-Kawaii Japanese punk band, redefining what it means to be perfect and bringing their mission to bring joy to the world.

Aural Fix: Wild Belle

Wild Belle may take musical inspiration from the world over, but this brother-sister duo create a neo-tropicalia sound all their own.

Aural Fix: Helado Negro

Fans love the warm, inviting essence of bilingual Helado Negro on his latest album, This Is How You Smile.

photo by Jahmad Balugo

Triathalon is molding their sound into sexy, new shapes, but the common thread of experimental indie vibes continues to unite new with old.

photo: Libby Zanders
Shy Boys

The band’s languid, sun-drenched Midwestern brand of jangle-pop is reminiscent of indie-rock forbearers such as Big Star, The Wedding Present and The Shins’ early output.


These two New Yorkers take on hip-hop with the assertive nature of a deity, in topic and in tone.

The Goon Sax

With diplomas in hand and two European tours under their belts, the Brisbane trio is back with We’re Not Talking.