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Show Review: Great Good Fine OK at Hawthorne Theatre

Show Review: Great Good Fine OK at Hawthorne Theatre

32315168811_ce1d91b695_zSometimes you have to venture out in snow and ice and very carefully walk in the middle of the roads all in the name of good live music.


Great Good Fine OK played at the Hawthorne Theater on Wednesday and wowed the crowd with a night full of synth-y dance jams. The band played a variety of songs fresh off their latest release III with singles like “Take It or Leave It” and “Always” as well as older songs like “You’re The One For Me” and “Too Much to Handle”.

31592888214_98d638111e_z31592887154_70b463c998_zThe entire set was very retro space dance party with a good dose of sequins, sparkles, glow sticks, and robotic dance moves. The combination of Jon Sandler’s stage presence and vocals with Luke Moellman’s multi-faceted talents were a treat to experience. Honestly any band with a xylophone and a key-tar peaks my interest. GGFO kept it interesting by switching it up from fun catchy dance jams to moody R&B laced songs.31592886874_3c853a6f6b_z


Jon discussed his flashy ensemble freshly purchased in town including a beautifully bedazzled sequin jacket with a kimono over the top as to not be too much. The show was visually engaging with some of the best lights and lasers that made you feel like you were traveling in space. The crowd was also fun to watch as everyone and their dad was dancing their asses off.

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Also performing was Flor, originally from Hood River, keeping the crowd captivated with interesting catchy songs that still happen to be stuck in my head. They played a variety of heartwarming songs that could melt the ice on the ground outside. The band has just released a new single “Hold On” which you can check out here. Also worth checking out is “Still Standing Still” released in December.