Show Preview: Okilly Dokilly at Dante’s

The Ned Flanders-themed heavy metal band Okilly Dokilly performs in Portland tonight at Dante’s.

Big Freedia @ Dante’s 4/21/2017

Get ready to sweat, get ready to move, and thank the gods above that you get to share the room and energy with the Queen Diva, Big Freedia.

Show Preview: Anklepants at Dante’s

The creature and multi-instrumentalist known as Anklepants comes to Dante’s tonight. We caught up with Dr. Reecard Farché to discuss his animatronic craftsmanship and why his true name must remain a secret.

Show Preview: Mac Sabbath at Dante’s

Steady your senses for a greasy bag of parody metal this Thursday at Dante’s. The McDonald’s-Black Sabbath hybrid band Mac Sabbath is coming to Portland with all their volume, props and terrifying costumes.

Show Preview: Murder City Devils @ Dante’s/Star Theater 8/17/2014

Murder City Devils, Deep Creep, Corey J. Brewer (*Constant Lovers instead of Deep Creep on…

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