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Natasha Kmeto @ Backspace 07/13/2012

Natasha Kmeto @ Backspace 07/13/2012

Mischievous Productions and Futro Records presented a night of debauchery Friday the 13th at Backspace. Between acts, a few bands killed the time playing outside on the sidewalk: Dual Mode, Dj Koolaid, Generationz, Scissors To Tape, Plantrae and Adventures! With Might got the party started for headliner (and Dropping Gems artist) Natasha Kmeto. The mix-master let the majority of the crowd dance around her [on stage] after a few “futuristic soul” songs and everyone stayed up there for the duration.

Her previous video/graphics guy made a recent departure for California, leaving a hole in her presentation. Even though a belly dancer was on hand to get everyone moving, it still seemed a little out of place considering the pulsating electronic synthy beats under her luscious vocals…yes, she actually sings, and well too. Kmeto’s latest EP, The Ache, was released in February and touted as her best effort thus far; it follows a few EP’s and her first full length, Expressor.

Portland is now her home base giving you plenty of opportunities to catch her act, playing everywhere from Horning’s Hideout to the upcoming What The Festival! If you’re looking for a new take on electro with a heart Kmeto is your girl.

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Words by Kelly Kovl. Photos by Betsy Marineau and Skye Atwood.